About Swamiji

Bhagavan Sri Ramadutha Swamy, the incarnation of God, at a very tender age of 7 left Srisailam along with Sri Purandhareswara Swamy to perform intense meditation, Yoga & Tapsya (penance). At that age, he had met many Yogis and Saints. During his 1 and 1/2 years’ time of deep Tapsya in Mallakka caves at Srisailam, he had got the chance of being in the company of great Yogis like Sri Konda Swamy, Sri Mrukhunda Maharshi, Sri Koushik Swamy and many others. Later at the age of 9, he went to Bhairavakona where he had the darshan of ‘Sri Venugopala Swamy’. He received the “Guru mantropadesha (initiation to Swamy tradition)” from him. After that, he did intense penance at Bhairavakona and Malakonda. During this period, he had once again blessed with the company of another great yogi Sri Nucchupotala Siddhaiah Swamy. At the age of 11, he lived at Siddheswaram on alms (Bhikshatana sages who renounce everything are supposed to beg for food enough to live from 5 houses ancient practice), along with Sri Mrukhunda Maharshi and Sri Siddaiah Swamy. When he was 13, he left for the hill ranges in Goa first and thereafter for the Great Himalayas and continued his intense penance for 6 years.

On his master’s behest, Sri Ramaduta Swamy came out of his recluse ascetic life and become one with the common man. He has been showering his divine grace on the humanity relieving them from pain and suffering. He is Datta Avadhutha and the present head of the “Shiva Bilam (Sihiva cave)” established by the Great sage Sri Agastya. Sri Ramadutha Swamiji is the only yogi who is well versed with the Divine language i.e. “Brahmanagari” and is being moving with the public. Swamiji is tri-kaaldarhi (who can see past, present, future), omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, the prophet, the incarnation of the Trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. He is the incarnation of the God. Swamiji is preventing untimely deaths, eliminating the ‘Doshas’ (Bad effects), blessing the childless with children and curing the incurable. Swamiji is expending his divine powers for helping those who has all qualities but are lagging behind in various fields like family, personal life, education, employment, finance, politics, industry, business etc. Swamiji, undoubtedly the Kaliyuga Kalpavriksha (wish tree of Kali era) is blessing them with ‘Ashta Aiswary’. Sri Ramaduta Swamiji being the focal point of the Siddha tradition, spreading the true spirituality of India.